Reporting Back

Election season will soon be under way. Coincidentally, John and I have been getting around to an “update” Focus (Click here to see it). Our MEP, Graham Watson produces a very effective “Reporting Back” leaflet at least once a year. We had fine ambitions to do the same, but time is very much against you when you’re trying to work and to be a councillor at the same time. Still, we have some very good news to share, so here it is at last.

The back-story is very interesting. People often assume that local government is a fairly sleepy enclave but in this case, a very switched-on officer spotted the faint possibilites and worked tirelessly to develop the remote possibility into what’s become a significant investment. Planning was always going to be an issue and by acting as an advocate I got the design improved a lot. We also had a very quick determination because the relevant facts were known (although I had to stand back from the actual decision making, having so strongly promoted the move). Working seperately is one of the strengths of having two councillors, we often have one of us pushing a change and the other sitting ready to represent Brympton residents in the actual decision making (and no, we don’t always agree!!).

If you would like to help during the election (which will probably be announced in 2 weeks), then there are buttons at the top right hand side of this page. We need people to fold and stuff envelopes, and people to help deliver. It’s only a half hour or so to deliver leaflets to your street, so why not …?

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