Our campaign to get Yeovil going …

Ric Pallister at the Preston Road roundabout

You may have seen SSDC’s LibDem Leader, Ric Pallister on the front page of the Gazette this week. If so, you will already know that we have put in a substantial bid to upgrade the road junctions in western Yeovil to cope with the traffic which comes from growth in this area. A key part of the plan is strengthening the options for pedestrians and cyclists … for years it has been very difficult to cross near the ASDA and Bluebell roundabouts and the plan is to fix this so that kids can get to school. Other crossings will give people the option of walking safely to work. Our hope is that we will get every front door within a few yards of a safe off-road network.

For my part, I sent last Saturday lobbying Norman Baker, our excellent Transport Minister to make sure that the “pich point” funding stream would get enough money to do our scheme because, in common with many other bids, it pays for itself very quickly in savings to business (as well as kick-starting the Lufton and Brimsmoor sites which are much needed).

This is yet another example of Yeovil’s Liberal Democrats working together at all levels of government to put Yeovil on the national agenda. It’s also a good example of hard work and close co-operation by officers at SSDC and the County council. Let’s be clear, it’s not the officers at County who are dragging their heels!

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