Don’t Gamble with Your Vote

by aldc on 28 April, 2015

In reality, Yeovil will probably not choose the next Prime Minister.

However, your vote will decide how well Yeovil is represented, whether your interests are considered at the very heart of the government and critically, whether the next government is stable and held within the centre-ground.

David Laws is proven and well-respected across the political spectrum. David was at the very heart of setting up the last government and was Cameron’s original choice for the Treasury.Laws Cameron

David has championed Yeovil’s schools, our hospitals and our main employers – at Cabinet level. He has also worked tirelessly for local people to resolve their problems.

The alternative is to gamble on someone with a poor local political record, seeking a back-bench position. This partisan gamble could even result in representation from Opposition if Labour win elsewhere.

Even if Cameron were able to form a single-party government, his party has a harsh approach, poorly performing policies for Market Towns and they are deeply divided on the key issues affecting Yeovil’s economy.

A vote for David is a vote to keep Yeovil on the political map and for a strong United Kingdom Government, held in the centre ground.

‘We are extremely grateful for the outstanding help and advice our company receives from David Laws…….. Without his unceasing support, we would not be the successful company we are today.’ CEO AugustaWestland.

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