About Me

I live on Abbey Manor with my wife and two teenage daughters.

Following 28 years at AgustaWestland, I now work as a consultant helping the government buy support services for programmes diverse as satellites and tanks – I always try to get value for money (blame my Yorkshire Mum!) but getting the service right is essential.

I chair the Abbey Community Association and I’ve been a Brympton Parish Councillor since 1996. I led the community end of developing Oak Tree Park (Liz G was the District Councillor then). In 2005 I joined the Lib Dems to fight for this seat – Brympton D’Evercy needed saving from development and the Larkhill Open Space Project needed doing to reduce the anti-social behaviour problem. I just do this for Brympton, not the party.

Occasionally, I get to indulge my hobbies of photography and cycling.