After the Election Part 2 – the way forward

Thursday 19th May saw the first meeting of South Somerset District Council.

We chose Ric Pallister to be Leader of the Council and he has made me a Cabinet member with the “Regulatory and Democratic Services” portfolio to look after. (The SSDC Press Release can be seen here and the full list of appointments is here).

John Richardson, your other Ward Councillor, was elected to the important Audit Committee. This committee makes sure that taxpayers money is spent wisely and that it is all accounted properly.

Of course, for both of us these are distractions from our primary task, which is to ensure that Brympton residents are looked after and that their voice is heard. That is the real honour, being elected as Brympton’s representatives.

After the Election …

You may have wondered what’s happening. After six weeks of non-stop door-stepping by John and I, accompanied by leaflets and papers galore, you’ve not heard a peep for days.
We’re currently busy forming the administration, confirming leadership and who will get various key jobs. This takes a little longer than it does at “Number 10” because we have no staff and many of your councillors have “day jobs”. Instead, we are doing this by phone, e-mail and informal meetings.
On the 19th you’ll see the Council AGM in my diary. This is the final stage of that process where the positions, such as the ten members of the Executive (or Cabinet), are formally confirmed by full Council. Watch this space.
Until then, officers of the Council are continuing to work for the existing team.