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Yeovil Urban Extension – Site Visit

by Peter Seib on 12 November, 2011

By now, everyone will have realised that an american poet’s ashes are in the church of St Michael and All Saints and that John Craven can see Yeovil from the top of the church tower. Those with a deeper interest in the evidence will know that within the next 20 years, Yeovil will have to […]

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We need a new Play Area!

by Peter Seib on 12 June, 2011

The “Larkhill Open Space” is well used but the project is far from complete. I sometimes call it “shoestring park”, which seems to get more and more appropriate the way budgets are going. Back in 2005, the public consultation slated the small children’s play area off Akeman Close after much anti-social behaviour. It was removed. […]

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After the Election Part 2 – the way forward

by Peter Seib on 22 May, 2011

Thursday 19th May saw the first meeting of South Somerset District Council. We chose Ric Pallister to be Leader of the Council and he has made me a Cabinet member with the “Regulatory and Democratic Services” portfolio to look after. (The SSDC Press Release can be seen here and the full list of appointments is […]

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A better (low carbon) future for Yeovil

by Peter Seib on 12 May, 2011

A couple of years ago, I was interviewed by BBC Radio. We started recording outside on the cycle path which was once the bed of a Victorian high-speed rail link – Yeovil’s always been a town of leadership in technology. Travel one way and the path takes you to Pittards with it’s specialist leathers. The […]

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The Election results here in Brympton

by Peter Seib on 6 May, 2011

I am pleased to say that after a tough campaign, John and I remain your District Councillors. Now that we know the full story, it’s clear we were right to be worried. A very effective campaign led by Graham Pritchard (who also enjoyed a very strong personal following in the ballot) meant that part way […]

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Into Somerset and the Paragon Story

by Peter Seib on 6 March, 2011

Last year, I went to Ross-on-Wye to persuade the family running Paragon Laundry to invest here, in Brympton. I believe that creating employment opportunities is an important thing for local authorities to do, whether it’s by allocating land, promoting the area, building industrial estates or, as in this case, lobbying. Letting entrepreneurs create jobs relieves […]

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What am I doing for you?

by Peter Seib on 30 January, 2011

My Diary I put my diary up here (Click the link above) so you can see some of what a Councillor does … “busy” is a private entry … Click on listed items to get more information.

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